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Trustco Group Holdings

Trustco is a multi-faceted public company, with an original and unmistakable Namibian flair. The company’s innovative business model and adoption of futuristic technology has consistently yielded phenomenal growth since inception. From humble beginnings in Namibia, an emergence into Africa and a commitment to future growth into other prime emerging markets, Trustco has become synonymous with innovation and entrepreneurship.

Trustco’s dynamic founder and current group managing director, Quinton van Rooyen, acquired Trustco in 1992 for a mere NAD100. The company was since transformed into a successful operation and is a formidable competitor within the industries it operates in.

Trustco listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange on the 27th of September 2006. This primary listing was subsequently supplemented by securing the first listing on the Africa Board of the JSE Limited on the 19th of February 2009. The JSE Limited integrated the Africa Board into the Main Board on the 21st of May 2012 and the company now trades in the ‘specialty finance’ sector of the JSE main board. On the 16th of July 2012, the primary listing on the NSX was amended to a secondary listing. The current listing structure provides Trustco with an opportunity to expand its investor base regionally and globally and is now poised to revolutionize the provision of its financial services on a pan-African basis.

The current operations of the group focus on three segments. These segments comprise of Banking and Finance, Insurance and Investments and Resources. Trustco’s focal business lines are augmented by its Shared Services segment which provides the administrative and support backbone to the group.

Trustco’s vision, firmly rooted on Namibian soil, and fast expanding into Africa and beyond, is to generate sustainable opportunities and create wealth for its stakeholders. The group remains committed to business expansion beyond Namibia’s borders and intends to spread and replicate its business model to the rest of the continent and beyond.

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