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Dividend Value Last day to trade Payment date
Final Dividend 2016-2017 0.00 cents  –  –
Interim Dividend 2016-2017 0.00 cents  –  –
Final Dividend 2015-2016 5.00 cents Namibia register 22-Jul-16 South African register 26-Jul-16 22-Aug-16
Interim Dividend 2015-2016 3.40 cents 20-Nov-15 8-Dec-15
Final Dividend for 2014-2015 4.00 cents 24-Jul-15 21-Aug-15
Interim Dividend 2014-2015 3.00 cents 21-Nov-14 09-Dec-14
Final Dividend for 2013-2014 2.75 cents 25-Jul-14 22-Aug-14
Interim Dividend 2013-2014 2.00 cents 22-Nov-13 09-Dec-13
Interim Dividend 2012-2013 1.90 cents 23-Nov-12 14-Dec-12
Final Dividend for 2011-2012 2.25 cents 29-Jun-12 20-Jul-12
Interim Dividend 2011-2012 1.75 cents 13-Jan-12 10-Feb-12
Final Dividend for 2010-2011 2.00 cents 15-Jul-11 12-Aug-11