Key Investment Facts


Trustco Group Holdings Limited is a diversified investment group that invests in sustainable high growth assets in emerging markets, and has done so for years, seeing cyclical setbacks and constant changes in the operating environments as catalysts to drive success. This diversified and multiple award-winning investment group cultivates an environment where investment decisions are biased towards long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

The company has historically invested in high quality, world class assets in the financial services, real estate, education and resources industries. The group’s Namibian based investments have operated in Namibia for over 30 years and developed a large home-grown customer base in the insurance, student financing and education sectors, while acquiring large portions of valuable and strategically located real estate. Trustco’s resources investment has since 2015 focused on the establishment of a first-class international diamond mining operation in Sierra Leone which is now set to mature into extraordinary shareholder value.

The Trustco brand has a footprint across Namibia and in the rest of Africa, with a track record of creating sustainable value and outperforming its peers. Unlike other multinationals, Trustco vests its power of authority across its investments in Namibia, allowing each investment’s fully Namibian top management team, with an average of over 10 years executive experience, to execute on opportunities immediately.