13 September 2023 – Trustco Group Hits First Baseline For 2023!
13th September 2023

Trustco Group Hits First Baseline For 2023!

Junior tennis will once again command the spotlight as the first of two Trustco Group Holdings Ltd (Trustco) sponsored tournaments is set to commence this upcoming weekend, starting on Friday, September 15, 2023. In collaboration with the Namibian Tennis Association (NTA), Trustco has forged a robust and enduring partnership that has greatly contributed to the growth and prosperity of junior tennis in Namibia over the past ten years.

Junior tennis in Namibia continues to advance and thrive, with a new wave of enthusiastic young talents gearing up to exhibit their skills at this prestigious tournament. The Trustco NTA Junior Tournament stands as a compelling precursor to the ultimate junior showdown at the forthcoming Trustco NTA Junior Masters Tournament 2023 in October.

Neville Basson, Head of Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Trustco, emphasized Trustco’s steadfast commitment to providing support, saying, “We remain wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring that the support we provide for junior tennis this year yields positive outcomes for Namibia and its promising young tennis players. Tennis, as a sport, embodies unique qualities—such as sportsmanship, fair play, mutual respect among players, officials, and the game itself, coupled with strategic thinking—that make it an ideal tool for

nurturing our future leaders. In alignment with the vision we embarked upon as a sponsor a decade ago, we will work closely with the NTA to ensure that our developmental strategy aligns with international standards and best practices.”

Santie van Der Walt, the Chairperson of Junior Tennis Namibia, expressed her gratitude for the ongoing success of junior tennis achieved in collaboration with Trustco. She stated, “Our journey with Trustco has been remarkable, consistently yielding tangible results each year as we witness the emergence of high-quality junior players. Without the essential support, accomplishing this would simply be impossible. The Trustco tournaments continue to stand out as annual highlights on our calendar, eagerly anticipated by our junior players who aspire to participate in this prestigious event. We extend our sincere thanks to Trustco once again.”

The tournament is expected to attract a high number of entries from players competing in the age groups from U/08 up to U/25 at Central Tennis Courts, SKW and Police Club. The playoffs and round robin matches will start from 14:00 on Friday, with the semi-finals and finals from 08:00 and 11:00 respectively, on Saturday.

Trustco Group extends its best wishes and support to all players and encourages each of them to give their all on the court, savoring every moment of the experience. We invite all tennis enthusiasts, supporters and parents to come and rally behind our future stars this weekend!




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