Trustco Group Holdings as an investment holding company, and its unlisted investee companies have their own remuneration committees. The focus of the holding company is to ensure the growth of its investments that will secure sustainable long-term value creation for all shareholders.

The group remuneration committee (remco) oversees and strives to ensure that the reward practices of the group and its investee companies are sustainable and aligned with shareholders’ interests whilst it recognises the lasting contribution of employees to the overall growth of the group.

The group remco also provides guidance to the remuneration committees of unlisted companies of the

larger Trustco group. The group promotes entrepreneurship and strives to optimise employee performance by providing a working environment conducive to extraordinary performance, characterised by passion and energy that results in a positive contribution to the success of the group and ultimately the economy it operates in.

The individuals the group aims to attract and employ are characterised by intellect, innovation, integrity and initiative, which impart the ability to adapt to an ever changing work environment and a unique and ethical culture, all of which are crucial to the group’s pursuit of excellence.