The group and its investee companies subscribe to the implementation of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives, which seek to augment and enhance the group’s strategy by aligning their CSI portfolios to international best practices and governance principles. Trustco expects all its underlying investees to act responsibly in respect to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters and to that end, representatives on all subsidiary boards and committees ensure that best practices are adhered to.

The group aspires to remain an integral part of the broader societies in which it operates and at the forefront of corporate citizenry through investing in and impacting the societies in which it operates. The significance of the group’s CSI is evidenced in its standing as an exceptionally good corporate citizen.

The initiatives engaged in during the financial period under review encompassed the advancement of
education, empowerment, community development and sport. These initiatives constitute the cornerstone of the group’s CSI philosophy and augment its strategy whilst, most imperatively, giving back to the societies in which it operates.