Trustco’s Investment History


Trustco Group, a family-owned investment entity headquartered in Windhoek, Namibia, operates with an unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable, long-term growth and value for all its investors. The group boasts a global presence with listings on the Namibian and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges, along with a presence on the OTCQX in New York, and manages a diverse portfolio of investments spanning the insurance, education, real estate, mining, commercial banking and micro-finance sectors.

Historically, Trustco’s investment portfolio has delivered exceptional returns, with a well-balanced asset mix, which has maintained an average weighting of 34% in US Dollar based assets, while the remaining 66% is invested in Namibian Dollar based assets. Currently investment returns of up to 14.94% in Namibia Dollar terms, and 13.85% in US Dollar terms, is being offered to investors in Trustco’s portfolio entities.

For over three decades, Trustco has strategically invested in a diverse portfolio of Namibian enterprises that have played pivotal roles in the nation’s economic landscape. These investments have cultivated an extensive customer base, creating synergies that unlock enhanced returns by seamlessly connecting various investee companies within its investment portfolios. The group’s local decision-making structure expedites execution, enabling swift capitalisation on emerging investment opportunities.

Trustco’s varied investment portfolios, comprising insurance, real estate, commercial banking, micro-finance, education and mining, epitomise its dedication to diversification and expansion. This strategic arrangement spans a wide spectrum of financial and complementary services, strategically designed to mitigate risks while seizing promising avenues for expansion. The diversified nature of these portfolios not only bolsters resilience but also fosters value exchange among investee companies. Banking, real estate, finance and educational products synergise harmoniously with the insurance product range, forging an unparalleled value proposition within Namibia’s financial sector, further reinforcing Trustco’s distinctive market position.

Trustco’s venture into the mining sector exemplifies its pursuit of extraordinary returns. The Meya Mining investment, revealing an initial resource of 7 (seven) million carats through exploration, has garnered substantial interest from investors and stakeholders. Beyond its remarkable economic potential, it is noteworthy that Meya’s mining license area has yielded five of the world’s largest stones. Bulk sample results not only indicate high-grade mining but also a notably high average value per carat.

Trustco’s investments are not merely financial transactions; they are a testament to the group’s belief in the transformative power of strategic investments. Trustco seeks to identify opportunities and to pursue businesses that not only promise superior financial returns but also align with its core values of integrity, responsibility and excellence, with the aim to contribute measurable positive social and environmental impact.


The insurance investee specialises in delivering a diverse range of financial and risk products tailored for both individuals and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Namibia.

Real Estate

Trustco’s real estate investee focuses on sustainable mixed-use land development, addressing the pressing demand for serviced land and housing that caters to a diverse range of Namibians across various socioeconomic backgrounds.

Commercial Banking

The commercial banking investee is dedicated to providing innovative banking products that foster economic development while addressing the diverse banking needs of individuals and businesses.


The micro-finance investee has a core mission to facilitate financial support for education and training purposes, with a keen focus on harmonising profitability with social investments.


Trustco’s education investee is dedicated to providing accessible education to both working students and those residing in rural areas of Namibia.


The mining investee was founded with the strategic objective of diversifying Trustco’s investment portfolio into the natural resources sector. While the resources mandate encompasses building a diversified natural resources portfolio, the primary focus currently remains on unlocking the full economic potential of its diamond assets.

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