Board and Board Committees

The board provides leadership with the direction, governance and control of the group to ensure that the company is a responsible corporate citizen whose performance is reflected in its triple context, creating sustainable social, economic and environmental value to all the group’s stakeholders.

The board is committed to achieving the highest standard of corporate governance as a key component of its vision and growth strategy to ensure the long-term sustainability of the group. The group is committed to complying with all legislation and regulations applicable to all of its businesses.

The group seeks to maintain robust corporate governance structures and processes by working within a clearly defined governance framework, enabling the delivery of sustainable growth to all our stakeholders. The governance framework establishes a subcommittee structure that supports the board in the execution of its duties. Certain authorities have been delegated with specific authority to each subcommittee while enabling effective control and preserving the accountability functionality of the members of the board. The board delegates authority to the executive management to manage the business and affairs of the group.