Trustco Financial Services is a large-scale full spectrum financial services provider with primary operations in banking, lending and insurance with its other investments being the properties and education businesses. This investee is the traditional mainstay of the group with established commercial operations dating back to the founding of Trustco.


The banking and finance investee companies comprise of:

  • Trustco Bank Namibia is a fully fledged bank with innovative banking products which promotes economic development and caters to the banking needs of individuals and businesses alike, whilst
  • Trustco Finance provides financial assistance for educational and training purposes ensuring an optimal structure where profits and social investment are aligned and
  • Trustco Capital provides long-term property advances.



The insurance and its investments investees consist consist of insurance and its underlying investments, which includes Trustco Properties and Trustco Construction Services. The insurance investee offers a diversified range of financial and risk products to individuals and SME’s in Namibia and is the holder of short- and long-term insurance licences. The real estate investee invests mostly in mixed use land development, construction and management thereof to contribute meaningfully to the high public demand for serviced land and housing to Namibians from all walks of life.