25 October 2017 – Trustco remains on top
25th October 2017



Trustco remains on top

Trustco, the two time consecutive of the Deloitte “Best Company to Work For” survey, received the Platinum Seal of Achievement alongside Bank of Namibia and Dundee Precious Metals, the eventual winner of this year’s re-organized competition. Trustco, who has been participating in the survey for the past four years, won the competition consecutively and was always placed in the top 3 best companies to work for, proving a culture of consistent excellence and performance of Namibia’s most prominent post-Independence companies.

Eighteen of Namibia’s most prestigious and respected small-, medium- and large sized companies participated in the Deloitte 2017 survey.

The winners of this year’s survey were announced at a breakfast ceremony this week where Dundee Precious Metals turned out winner in the large size company category with Trustco Group Holdings taking second place after a two year dominance and Agra took the third place.

In the category for smaller companies the winner was Bank of Namibia with the Namibia Institute of Pathology taking second place and Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC) coming third.

Deloitte’s Seal of Achievement is a demonstration of the attractiveness of the organisation and its commitment to its people, enabling the organisation to market itself as an employer of choice and was awarded in two categories, gold and platinum.

The gold achievers were Agra, Namcor, NDTC and NIP, while the more prestigious platinum award was bestowed on Trustco, Bank of Namibia and Dundee Precious Metals.

On receiving the Deloitte award, the Group Head of Corporate Affairs of Trustco Group Holdings, Elmarie Janse Van Rensburg said: “As winner of the Deloitte ‘The Best Company to Work For’ the past two years and runner up this year, Trustco is reminded that to be on top is only part of a victory, but to remain on top is the true challenge of excellence. What holds true for Trustco holds true for all, that the participants who remain at the top to be challenged, is the absolute proof of excellence. This award inspires employers to constantly improve the workplace, employee productivity improves and overall wealth creation and distribution flows from a happy and contented workforce. This competition ensures that good companies will continuously attract the finest employees, which is the ultimate guarantee for sustainable success. Trustco is proud to be counted amongst the best companies to work for that Namibia has on offer”.

Deloitte’s “Best Company to Work For” survey, or now known as the “Best Company Survey”, measures employee experience in the workplace. The survey has undergone a rejuvenation from the past years, incorporating smart analytics coupled with best practice research methodologies to deliver a diagnostic tool for organisations to measure year on year attributes which influence employee engagement and attraction to an organisation.
Traditionally the well-known “Best Company to Work For” survey, conducted in Namibia since 2011, focused on employee satisfaction in the workplace through a static assessment with delayed feedback and action cycles. The re-engineered survey now provides comprehensive insight reports with more dynamic reporting through access to the Deloitte Portal which allows participants to take immediate responsive action. The Best Company Survey also includes a 100% coverage of employees as opposed to the selected sample surveys of the past.




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