• Largest private distance learning institution in Namibia with more than
    61 000 students since establishment.
• Accredited by the Namibia Qualifications Authority and registered with the
    National Council for Higher Education in Namibia.
• All qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework in Namibia.
• Innovative business model providing affordable education and facilitating
    funding for students who need it.
• State of the art academic administration systems and online platforms.
• Environmentally conscience with various implemented green initiatives.

The education investment through its distance learning model, the Institute for Open Learning (IOL), embraces its vision to commit to excellent, recognised educational programmes. Since the acquisition of IOL in 2005 with only 2 500 students, IOL has employed technology to radically improve its performance. The institution has over the years transformed and strategically repositioned itself to the largest fully-fledged online institution of higher learning, with over 61 000 students, in Namibia. The capital invested in systems development has allowed IOL to adapt to the evolving educational environment. IOL fits in perfectly with the new paradigm shift, that is, moving from a class and distance based educational model to an online-only environment.

IOL focuses on the most relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas which are integrated into its strategic plans and initiatives based on the educational market circumstances, national educational priorities and the expectations of key stakeholders. Ongoing quality assurance, continuous assessment processes as well as the monitoring and improvement of the quality of the programmes remain the key areas of focus. The latter is succinctly illustrated by the institution’s accreditation status with the Namibia Qualifications Authority, registration with the National Council for Higher Education as well as its engagement with the broader Namibian community. IOL firmly believes that the influence of good governance, world class practices and effective innovative solutions will boost its institutional effectiveness and strengthen its capacity for a transformed education sector.

IOL is in the process of adapting its quality assurance to differing regional standards via memorandums of understanding with regional quality assurance bodies, enabling it to reach students across the SADC. The institution intends to grow its income stream by adding new programmes and services to the current offerings, providing new innovative solutions to existing students, target new student markets and expand into new regions.

The disruption of COVID-19 has forced the institution to reschedule school- based studies, postpone examinations and adjust systems and processes to accommodate e-based classes and examinations. Amidst these unprecedented times, IOL employees, tutors and students remained resilient and achieved
excellent results.

IOL implemented the following measures:
• Deployed online assignments submissions for the first time. The advanced in-house
    developed system manages the collection and re-distribution of assignments,
    examination papers for marking, moderating and distribution of results.
• Students wrote their first electronic offsite examinations.
• Rollout of services for communication and collaboration with students through
    digitalised channels such as the Microsoft 365 Suite and a Student Portal.

IOL strives not only for excellence in academics, but also to challenge its students to be extraordinary forces for change in the community.

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