• Focused business model refined over many years.
• Market leader in Namibia in legal insurance.
• Large and established customer base in excess of 232 000 insured members.
• Strong solvency position.
• Key competitive advantages through intergroup synergies.
• High level of brand recognition and loyalty.

The insurance division holds both long- and short-term insurance licences. Through its diversified product offering and by continually adapting to changing market conditions, the insurance division continues to provide unparalleled service to its loyal client base.

The short-term insurer primarily provides its members with access to high quality legal cover for those who otherwise would not be able to afford legal services, thereby protecting their constitutional rights.

The long-term insurer provides life products, as well as policy benefits that not only encourage a savings culture and promotes the financial health of members, but also provides the average person access to private health facilities. Developing innovative products remain its primary trademark.

The insurance division embarked on a digital migration process to not only expand its reach, but also ensure future sustainability. Members can interact with the insurer from the comfort of their home via various online platforms.

During the reporting period, the insurance division generated gross premium income of NAD129 million with a claims ratio of 23%, maintained a solvency ratio of 26.8% and a CAR ratio of 3 335% respectively for the short- and long-term insurance companies.

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