09 May 2023 – Trustco Group boosts Trustco United with new sporting kits ahead of season
11th May 2023

Trustco Group boosts Trustco United
with new sporting kits ahead of season

Trustco Group once again confirmed its continued commitment to Trustco United Sports Club, the oldest sporting club in Namibia, by unveiling the new playing kits for the upcoming season for two of the sporting codes the club represents, rugby and netball. Trustco United has been well-equipped by Trustco Group over the past decade since 2011, to take on their competitors in style in the various sporting codes each season, when the sponsorship initially commenced.

The rugby and netball teams received their brand-new sports clothing to the value of approximately NAD200 thousand for the new season, at a recent unveiling event hosted by Trustco United. The sponsorship of sporting kits for the sporting codes is in addition to an annual sponsorship amount to the club to the value of NAD385 thousand for this year. Trustco Group spokesperson, Neville Basson, reiterated the commitment of the group to the club for its future success, “From the day we saw the blueprint for the success plan of Trustco United, we knew that if we supported them, they would become a club of note.

With the achievements they have enjoyed so far, we are proud of our strategic involvement in this project. Some of our club’s players have successfully achieved global status in their respective sports codes, making way for the next batch of players coming through the ranks now. We will be here, ensuring they have the tools to exceed in the success of their predecessors,” he said.

The Trustco United rugby and netball teams have both enjoyed remarkable success in recent years, a testament to Trustco United’s commitment to these sports. Winmar Rust, Chairman of Rugby for Trustco United, expressed pride in the club’s accomplishments since Trustco Group became the main sponsor. “Winning multiple derby matches against our arch enemy Wanderers, and winning the league numerous times, are just some of the honors that we have achieved with Trustco’s support. We want to wholeheartedly thank Trustco for their unwavering commitment to ensuring that we have the necessary resources to excel,” he said.

Similarly, Trustco United’s netball team has shown their collective strength and ensured that the club remains among the best teams in Namibia. Chantel Carstens, Chairperson of Netball for Trustco United, expressed her gratitude towards Trustco Group for providing the team with new kits for the season, “We wear this outfit like a badge of honor and have Trustco to thank for it. Trustco, we will continue to do the job on the pitch and keep you proud of our collective brand,” she said.

With the beginning of the new season, Trustco United is poised for another blockbuster season on all fronts. Their success demonstrates the value of investing in CSI projects nationally, which are a great source of social upliftment for local communities. The continued partnership between Trustco Group and Trustco United highlights the importance of corporate social responsibility in sports, as it provides the necessary resources for teams to be developed, excel and compete at the highest level. The new kits will assist the rugby and netball teams to look and feel their best, proudly inspiring them to achieve even greater success in the new season.

Hereby some of the highlights of remarkable honors achieved by the two codes:

Rugby achievements

  • Trustco United 2nd team won the 10-a-side tournament in 2023
  • Trustco United women’s rugby team won the 10-a-side tournament in 2023
  • Trustco United first team were Namibian Premier League champions in 2019
  • Trustco United first team won the Annual Derby against Wanderers in 2019

Netball achievements

  • 1st and 2nd place in Khomas 2nd League Division 2022
  • Winners at the Inaugural Winter Cup 2022
  • Enrica Farmer named Coach of the Year 2022

For more information contact:
Neville Basson
Head: Public Relations and Corporate Communication
Trustco Group Holdings Limited




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