Trustco Joins AOPA to bring Aviation Spectacle to Windhoek
15th April 2015

Trustco Joins AOPA to bring Aviation Spectacle to Windhoek

Many Namibians fondly remember the last time the general public experienced aviation in its full glory, during the 1995 air show at Eros Airport at which approximately 10 000 people descended on the airport for a memorable event that, until today, generates both excitement and fond memoirs.

Having secured the blessing of the Namibian Cabinet earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that the general public can again look forward to a spectacular aviation event to be hosted at the Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport, on 1 August of this year, under the auspices of AOPA.

This venue brings with it the advantage of almost limitless space for the land based activities and provides an unique opportunity for corporates and exhibitors to fully participate in this rare event. Some 10 000 people are expected to attend and it is envisaged that this may become a bi-annual event.

AOPA is grateful for the generous sponsorship of Trustco Group Holdings and Trustco Air Services in the amount of N$ 1 million, as well as for the commitment of the Trustco Group as the main sponsor. The event shall be known as the Trustco Namibia International Air Show 2015.

The event, according to the President of AOPA, Reinhard Gärtner, is an attempt by the Namibian aviation community to showcase to the region and the world that Namibia is not only an investment friendly destination, but also one that welcomes visiting aviators.

Managing Director of Trustco Group Holdings Limited, Quinton van Rooyen, states that “Trustco is pleased to allocate N$ 1 million to support and ensure the facilitation of an epic event which will showcase Namibia on the world stage. This event will also expose the youth and entrepreneurs to a host of careers in the aviation industry and related alternative careers such as air traffic controllers, aircraft engineers, aircraft electricians, flight dispatchers, air freight agents, export agents etc.”

Trustco and AOPA, in collaboration with the Directorate of Civil Aviation, will embark on a concerted effort to make it possible for a large number of school children that could otherwise not afford the entrance fee, to attend the event free of charge. It is envisioned that the 2000 children from a myriad of backgrounds and locations across Namibia will be inspired to new heights of achievement as they experience the opportunity to attend an Air Show of this magnitude and caliber.

Corporates are also given the opportunity to secure sufficient space close to the airside in which to erect hospitality tents to receive their clients and friends. AOPA will ensure a web based and live stream by a dedicated TV crew onto big screens inside the hospitality tents so that none of the action is missed whilst inside the tents.

(Written by Nico Stehle)

All enquiries, whether corporate, commercial or hospitality, can be directed at AOPA through their dedicated e-mail address:

They undertake to immediately respond to all enquiries.




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