14 March 2022 – Trustco Rides Award Wave
16th March 2022

The latest edition of the PMR Africa awards confirmed Trustco Group Holdings Ltd.’s reputation as Most Innovative Company/Institution in Namibia. Trustco was handed the Golden Arrow award during a ceremony at the Arebbusch Travel Lodge in the capital city of Windhoek, Namibia, where the most prestigious businesses rubbed shoulders.

With these awards PMR Africa demonstrates their enduring commitment to acknowledge and inspire the contributions that all corporates in Namibia are making through their initiatives, strategies, effort and challenging work.
The vision, integrity, values, competence and empathy that contributes to ethical and sustainable business practices are measured meticulously by peers to determine a deserved winner in the various categories presented.
Furthermore, the award is based on a survey rated by a random national sample of 160 respondents of CEOs, MDs, business owners, company directors/managers and senior government officials based in Namibia.  

Neville Basson, Head of Corporate Communications, received the award on behalf of Trustco. “As a nation, we are operating in increasingly uncertain times dominated by world events the last few years, but we keep on adapting and thrive under economic curveballs. The only reason most of us are here today is perseverance and our continuous ingenuity in rising above all economic challenges. We want to thank PMR Africa and their organizers for creating a platform to measure the performance of Namibian companies,” he said. 

Trustco Group Holdings also congratulates all the various other winners in their respective categories. Only through collective efforts in terms of performance and accountability can Namibia be propelled forward – an essential part in creating a country of opportunity for all Namibians.




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