15 July 2021 – OnawaMed assists in fight against COVID-19
15th July 2021

OnawaMed assists in fight against COVID-19

Staff Reporter

OnawaMed, powered by Trustco Life decided to step into the fray of assisting Namibians in need of medical care through Adonia Trust and Covid Warriors Namibia.

Many Namibians are in desperate need for daily oxygen, and OnawaMed identified this national need and pledged its assistance. Head of Trustco Life, Annette Brand said: ‘’Oxygen has become the centerpiece in the fight for survival during this pandemic, a commodity we surely see as a necessity in every household currently. As OnawaMed, we support both the Adonia Trust and Covid Warriors by providing oxygen cannisters in ensuring that our people get the care they all need.’’

Through this initiative we can be sure that more lives can be saved through this gesture from OnawaMed. Let’s hold virtual hands as Namibians and show that we care by following the stipulated protocols to ensure that we all survive this pandemic. History shows that we are battle hardened as Namibians, we can do this together.

For more information on the OnawaMed product, or our list of service providers, contact any of the Trustco Life offices country-wide or visit the Trustco Life website at www.life.na or email at info@life.na




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