18 October 2023 – The Return Of Winna Mariba: A Landmark Event Unveiled By Trustco Group And NBC
18th October 2023


Windhoek, 18 October 2023 — THE Winna Mariba television game show, that captured Namibian television audiences, will once again burst into the living rooms of every Namibian household through a collaboration between Trustco Group Holdings Ltd (Trustco Group Holdings) and the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)).

The momentous joint announcement, signifying a huge step forward in the producing of local television content, took place during a breakfast event at Windhoek’s, The Barn, with invited guests comprising esteemed media partners, influential content creators and notable figures from various sectors.

The launch was brimming with anticipation as Nico Mwiya, Chief Commercial Officer of NBC, and Quinton Z van Rooyen, Deputy CEO of Trustco, took the stage to share their thoughts on this exciting venture. Mwiya remarked, “The return of Winna Mariba signifies a significant milestone for both Trustco and the NBC. This media partnership reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional entertainment to our 1.6 million viewers. Together, we are poised to usher in a new era of captivating content that resonates with every Namibian household.”

Echoing this sentiment, Quinton Z van Rooyen added, “The journey to revive Trustco’s Winna Mariba has been driven by our unwavering dedication to enriching daily lives. This show holds a special place in the hearts of many Namibians and for Trustco, and its return underscores Trustco’s commitment to creating opportunities for all Namibians. Winna Mariba is not just a game; it’s a catalyst for change.”

The event also featured the grand unveiling of the revamped Winna Mariba brand, symbolising a fresh chapter in Namibia’s entertainment scene. Attendees were captivated by the brand’s new visual identity, mirroring the show’s digital evolution, vibrant spirit and its potential to once again make a significant impact on the lives of Namibians.

The celebratory atmosphere continued as guests were treated to an exclusive Winna Mariba experience, stepping into the shoes of Winna Mariba contestants. The guests had the opportunity to partake in the games that will captivate NBC audiences in the upcoming months, providing them with a first-hand taste of the excitement and skills challenges that await future contestants.


The history of Trustco’s Winna Mariba spans nearly two decades, commencing in 2003 when Trustco Group embarked on an innovative journey by introducing SMS competitions. However, it wasn’t until August 2006 that the actual game show truly came to life, setting the nation ablaze with the much-celebrated 777 Winna Mariba competition.

Born from a blend of creativity and competition, this skill-based TV show format rapidly gained momentum, marking the inception of a cultural phenomenon that resonated with Namibians from all walks of life. The subsequent years witnessed Winna Mariba’s evolution into a dynamic force, expanding its influence beyond the television screen. From electrifying roadshows to engaging online competitions that propelled Winna Mariba into the digital age, the show’s impact reverberated far and wide across Namibia.

The influence of Trustco’s Winna Mariba was unmistakable, as individuals and families throughout Namibia experienced the life-altering effects of the substantial prize money awarded through the game show. To date, the cumulative prize money has surpassed an impressive NAD 18 million, serving as a testament to the program’s steadfast commitment to enhancing lives.


The essence of Winna Mariba isn’t solely found in its captivating games but also in the dynamic personalities that graced its stage. The eagerly awaited return of the iconic duo, Neville Basson and Mia de Klerk, is a testament to the enduring charm of the show and the chemistry that once propelled it to spectacular heights. As the curtain rises on this new season, the stage is set for a reunion that promises to reignite the magic that made Trustco’s Winna Mariba an undeniable national treasure.

With their infectious energy and magnetic presence, Neville Basson and Mia de Klerk will once again assume the roles that endeared them to audiences across the country. Their partnership, akin to a well-tuned symphony, effortlessly blended wit, warmth and charisma, creating an on-screen dynamic that left an indelible mark on Namibia’s entertainment landscape.

Neville Basson, one half of this captivating duo, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The prospect of co-hosting Winna Mariba with Mia once again fills me with immense pride. The Winna Mariba game show has an irresistible allure, captivating both participants and viewers at home. Its appeal remains unmatched, and I am honoured to embark on this journey once again.”

Mia de Klerk shared her excitement on returning to the Winna Mariba stage. “This game show is more than just entertainment; it changes lives. I’m thrilled to be back, playing a role in altering lives for the better. I remember moments of triumph and joy from past seasons, and I still vividly recalls a security guard from Walvis Bay who walked away with a whopping N$ 100 000.00! He proudly invested the money in buying a house back then. There is more to come this time around.”


The NBC stands as a formidable influencer in the country’s media landscape, unwavering in its commitment to usher in a new era of captivating and dynamic content. With its keen understanding of the nation’s entertainment preferences, NBC is driven by a mission to redefine the television experience for Namibians, offering innovative programming that resonates across diverse audiences.

As the esteemed co-producer of the Winna Mariba show, NBC’s participation in this iconic production underscores the broadcaster’s dedication to creating content that mirrors the aspirations, culture and dreams of the Namibian people.


The upcoming season of Winna Mariba is primed to exceed expectations, offering even more excitement and enticing rewards. Aspiring contestants can participate in the game show through Trustco’s 777 competition SMS line, with each entry priced at N$2.50. This new season is scheduled to comprise thirteen thrilling episodes, featuring a substantial quarter-million Namibian Dollars in prize money for fortunate participants.

Notably, the 13th episode will introduce a philanthropic element, where celebrity contestants will vie for winnings dedicated to registered NGOs or charities of their choosing. The excitement of winning on the Winna Mariba show is further heightened as contestants have the opportunity not only to secure the coveted cash prize but also to potentially double their earnings through an exclusive chance. Skill and strategy come to the fore in the exhilarating game rounds, potentially doubling the final winnings for contestants who hold a paid-up NBC television license and/or are patrons and affiliates of Trustco and its investment entities.

With Trustco and the NBC uniting their efforts, the Winna Mariba show is poised to deliver a season brimming with anticipation, fierce competition and life-changing rewards. As the show returns to television, Namibians can anticipate another thrilling instalment of entertainment with the potential to make a lasting impact on lives.

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