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Employment Benefits

The company offers a staff social scheme with equal employer and employee contributions that provides the following cover and additional benefits: hospital cover | disability benefit | dread disease cover | life cover | various types of additional leave i.e. paternity leave, sabbatical leave, birthday leave, afternoons off, |additional sick leave and “babbalas” (hangover) leave | a corporate wellness programme with additional benefits, including free daily staff lunches, physical exercise programmes, flu prevention injections, cancer prevention testing and various health and social awareness campaigns throughout the year and | an employee fund with the same purpose as a savings fund or pension fund to empower employees by assisting to provide for future financial security and to foster and encourage a culture of saving.
The group remains committed to the continuous investment in the wellbeing of its valued employees and also supports the holistic health and happiness of employees. The corporate wellness programme is offered by the company to the employees and is a combination of educational, organisational, nutritional, social and environmental awareness programmes. It also includes physical fitness programmes, life coaching, health coaching, general support, the importance of financial management, medical treatments, vaccinations and activities designed to support, enhance and promote behaviour conducive to maintaining good physical, social and mental health. The group recognises that a regular and sound fitness regime is vital to maintain the health and wellbeing of its employees. With more stress comes an increased likelihood of becoming ill. As part of the wellness programme the company provides an annual exercise programme with external service providers. Fitness sessions are held twice a week for three months, after which employees are encouraged to continue in their own time. The company also engages service providers that give employees access to health screenings, counselling and nurse consultations. The company also has a policy that allows middle to senior management to have extended lunch or break time for the purposes of physical fitness exercises. The corporate wellness programme is a proven success and extremely effective to motivate, educate and improve the overall health, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of each valued employee. The programme is well established, maintained and ongoing.
The group values, provides support and protects the health and safety of its employees. Dedicated safety and occupational health officers manage health and safety.
The group is committed to and strives to ensure that all employees are heard and to maintain an open communication channel environment where employees feel free to raise issues, air concerns and ask any questions. A key focus of the group is to maintain the communications capability and competence from the top structure down to employee level. The group has an open door policy and coffee table meetings are held by each department every morning to discuss critical issues, news headlines, to motivate staff or address any topic raised by any staff member to keep communication channels open amongst employees and management. Representatives of the human resources department also have weekly visits to the various departmental and segmental coffee table meetings to effectively communicate and educate staff on policies, procedures, all training and wellness campaigns.
The internal culture of the group enforces a strong emphasis on leadership, skills development and training. Ongoing and targeted training needs analysis and performance management measures are in place to ensure and manage sustainable performance of staff. Training needs are identified within the segments in consultation with the human resources department and management. All employees can explore skills and career development opportunities through the established performance management process. As an employer of choice, the company strives to develop its employees to be as well trained, mentored, developed and up skilled as possible. In achieving this objective, the group offers comprehensive services, internal training, mentoring and development, on a continuous basis, to all current and new employees commencing employment in the group. In house training offered to new employees include the opportunity to unlimited consultation, training, mentoring and advice with any of the senior employees of the group to ensure that the employee will be able to perform at an optimal standard.
The Trustco Top40 initiative was implemented in 2015 and maintained in the subsequent reporting periods and provides a platform within the group to foster talent development. The aim of the policy is to identify and reward employees that rise to and exceed the set high performance expectations of the group. The group aspires to motivate employees to grow, excel and be driven to perform at all times. The main objectives of the policy in appointing the Trustco Top40 are to give recognition to key employees on any level regardless of position, as well as to motivate and inspire all employees to attain the same level of performance. The Top40 is announced annually after an extensive review, nomination and election process by all employees in the group. The Trustco Top40 members are authentic brand ambassadors and true Trustconians that understand, represent and drive the culture of the group. During the reporting period, the Top40 employees were granted the opportunity to travel abroad and attend an international conference, seminar or workshop of their choice with the aim to broaden their horizons, gain experience, learn best practice and to give them exposure on a global platform. Top40 employee benefits also include: • company shares to the value of NAD 40 000 • access to a company pool vehicle • any bonus paid out to a Top40 member during the term is increased by 40% • flexi time and • a smart phone with a credit limit of NAD 2 000 per month.
The group implemented a Junior Board mentorship programme during the previous reporting period to empower young individuals with potential. The mentorship programme was initiated to initially educate and empower young successful Namibian individuals who showed strong leadership qualities, who had impressive curriculum vitae et al, but who lacked essential boardroom experience. The scope of the programme was subsequently broadened to also include identified employees with the same potential within the group. The junior members received amongst other training, guidance and mentorship on all aspects of good corporate governance and ethical leadership.

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